Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, in the Saturday Interview, Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp and Tommy Pico discuss Pico’s book-length poem, IRL, and its themes of temporality, Indiginous identity, and lyrical humor. IRL (which stands for ‘in real life’) reflects a “terrifying” and cathartic creative process in which Pico churned out new material four days a week and spent Fridays aggressively editing.

Then, in “The Workspace,” Brandon Hicks provides an inside look at a gamut of occupations.

And in the Sunday Essay, Wes Jamison looks at a traumatic encounter with her husband. Language, and the ways we describe domestic abuse, is at particular issue here. Even as language obscures the experience and confuses her memories of the attack, it helps to clarify and calm her in the aftermath.

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