Tales from the Comment Crypt


Halloween comes early with Jezebel’s annual Spooky Story Contest, where readers leave their terrifying tales in the comments (they can also be emailed to [email protected]). Other than that, the rules are are as follows: 1) The story must be true, and 2) The story must be scary.

Fans of Creepypasta, Channel Zero, and all manner of modern folk tales won’t be disappointed. Think of the tales told at night by the campfire, passed around at parties, whispered between friends—and go read last year’s winners here.

Rosamund Lannin reads and writes in Chicago. When not hosting lady live lit show Miss Spoken and editing Story Club Magazine, she writes for Extra Crispy, HelloGiggles, and everywhere else pancakes and essays intersect. Daily dispatches @rosamundlannin. More from this author →