The Life and Times of Black Clock Magazine


The legendary Black Clock has been retired. At Lit Hub, novelist Bruce Bauman, author most recently of Broken Sleep, recounts the magazine’s history in a conversation with Jeff VanderMeer:

From the very beginning when Jon Wagner had hired Steve to start the magazine, it was clear the vison, the content—all final decisions would be Steve’s. I was always cool with that. In fact, I think that’s the only way it could work. Steve edited every single piece in every issue of the magazine. As time went on, he let me do first edits on a number of pieces. Especially the younger or newer writers I brought in and the unsolicited pieces. We had a process where our interns would read the unsolicited pieces: every piece was read by at least two interns. Then I would read them. Then Steve would say yea or nay and edit it if were yes.

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