This Week In Indie Bookstores


A New Paltz, New York bookstore with an anti-Trump sign is fighting a ban against it.

An Egyptian bookstore has a “scream room” where customers can scream as loudly as they like.

With the Gilmore Girls revival only a month a way, there’s a hypothesis that Jess might own a Stars Hollow Bookstore.

Christian bookstore chain LifeWay has pulled books by Christian author Jen Hatmaker after she expressed support for LGBTQ rights—because nothing says love thy neighbor like ostracizing them.

With the last bookstore in Bronx, New York set to close, efforts to keep Barnes & Noble in the borough intensify.

A Concord, New Hampshire bookstore is closing after its owner was robbed by at knifepoint.

A Russian-centric bookstore in Delhi, India founded by the Communist Party survives, selling old Soviet-era texts.

Activist collective Bluestockings Bookstore in New York City has pulled controversial HIV/AIDS films from store shelves.

As independent bookstores in Bangalore, India shut down, Blossom remains a beacon of hope.

A woman drove into a bookstore after suffering a seizure.

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