Storytellers Just Want Connection


I’d stand in my doorway and watch lightning break in the thunderheads at the base of the mountain: threads of electricity flashing through the sky in the distance—instantaneous and then gone. Can I get an Instagram of this? I would wonder. How many people would like it? I knew it was bad. But I wasn’t sure how to fix what was wrong.

At Catapult, Adrienne Celt tackles a psycho-emotional topic familiar to many creators and storytellers. Why do we create, write, publish, and continue? For those of us who get a taste of love, acceptance, and support, is there a chance we become addicted and what do we do when those feelings pass us by?

Buffy Flores is an Aries/Taurus cusp, Latinx, vegan, femme, and founder and editor of the Billions Unheard. Now writing for LIVEKINDLY and editing for The Rumpus. Follow them on Twitter @livekindlybuffy. More from this author →