This Week in Essays


For the office drones struggling to come back after the four-day weekend, take heart in James Livingston’s essay for Aeon considering whether work is necessary in our present age.

Here at The Rumpus, Helen Betya Rubinstein expresses a sense of dislocation that’s familial and personal in the face of our newly reinforced election-cycle gender binary.

For Vogue, Rebecca Bengal goes to North Dakota and reports on the current status of the movement at Standing Rock.

Cuban-American writer Achy Obejas takes stock of the reactions to the death of Fidel Castro at the New York Times.

And Lee Martin shares a story on The Rumpus about his enduring love of the Yankees and their template of faith that helped him overcome pain and anger.

Artists, thinkers: at the Guardian, Barbara Kingsolver is urging us to go forth and put aside nicety as we face America’s future.

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