Weekend Rumpus Roundup


In this week’s Saturday Rumpus Essay, Terese Mailhot, our Saturday Rumpus editor, shares rallying words from Cherokee author Barbara Robidoux. Robidoux calls on us to stop walking our beaten trails and take a stand against faux “boy’s club” leaders. This powerful excerpt was originally spoken by Robidoux before a demonstration against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

And, in Sunday Rumpus Poetry, Fatimah Asghar shares three poems in which she highlights those little moments that support systems of injustice in a biting game of “Microaggression Bingo,” laments her lost histories, and shouts for her right to exist as messy, incomplete, and angry.

Amanda Hildebrand is a painter and writer based in Los Angeles. She Instagrams: @amandahilly. More from this author →