Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, Ruby Hansen Murray explores the surreal landscapes of historic Native American locations turned educational tourist hotspots in the Saturday Rumpus Essay, as she journeys with the Osage Nation Historical Preservation Department to Cahokia, the site of an ancient agrarian culture in now-Illinois, among camera-carrying tourists and young field-trippers.

And this week in Sunday Rumpus Fiction, Ignatius Valentine Aloysius tells us a familiar story of a hapless, hungry boy picking the chaotic, color-filled streets of Bombay for anything for him or his family to eat. Fourteen-year-old Fishhead, however, has one small chance—and it lies in the three marbles in his pocket.

Amanda Hildebrand is a painter and writer based in Los Angeles. She Instagrams: @amandahilly. More from this author →