Notable San Francisco: 12/21–12/27



It is year’s end and a time for holidays.

Some folks will leave town, some will stay home and drink egg nog while others abstain, some will exchange gifts, some will get happy, some will get depressed. But few will schedule or attend literary events in the SF Bay Area, and we have little to list until after 12/25 has passed, and then, but one event.

But since that opens up a bit of space, we’d like to remember that in 2016 hundreds of writers and readers have gathered in bars, bookstores, national parks, subway stations, even backyards to water this parched land and our parched spirits with poetry and prose, in the midst of a physical drought due to lack of rain, and a social drought due to lack of brains in this devastating year that America elected Donald Trump as President.

We bear witness. We matter.

Here’s a New Years resolution: Be there. Listen. Speak. Bear witness.

And here’s a link that will help us find each other.

And of course, we hope you’ll continue to follow this column.

Happy holiday to all.

Monday 12/26: Bay Area Generations presents its unique program of intergenerational pairs of readers at a new East Bay location in Oakland. Tonight will be the last official night with Bay Area Generations for co-founder Charles Kruger (yours truly), who is resigning from the Board of Directors to focus on other projects in 2017. He’d love to see you there! Readers include: Nadine Lockhart, Sharon Coleman, Katharine Harer, Rich Yuman, Rory Redding, Randy Halsig, Greer Nakadegawa Lee, John Oliver Simon, Kelechi Ubozoh, and Paul Corman-Roberts. $7 ($10 with souvenir chapbook), 7:30 p.m., The Bellevue Club.


For coverage of the Bay Area theatre scene, visit TheatreStorm.


Evan Karp presents video of this week’s featured local author, Matt Carney.

And here’s some video of one of last week’s SF notables, Melissa R. Sipin.


If you have a Bay Area event listing you’d like us to consider for Notable SF, please contact [email protected] as far in advance as possible, and include the date of the event in the subject line.


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