This Week in Essays



Bookbinding may be a dying art, but at Lit Hub, Dwyer Murphy tells the story of a man who keeps his business going strong on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

For Hazlitt, Suzannah Showler takes a measured look at the prepper community and at the idea of preparation itself.

Every abortion story is personal, political, and complicated. Tasha Kerry Smith shares hers here at The Rumpus.

For New York Magazine, Leigh Alexander reflects on how the Internet has evolved from a room full of possibilities to an out-of-control party that no one is having fun at anymore.

How does a community rebuild after a wildfire? At Pacific Standard, Lindsey J. Smith writes about how one afflicted area of California is dealing with the aftermath.

Back at The Rumpus, Kenneth D. Cole weighs the uncertainty of memory and the construction of our personal histories.

At Luna Luna Magazine, Lisa Marie Basile writes on how downtime is often necessary for a writer and not necessarily a sign of ineptitude.


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