This Week in Essays


Men will not protect you anymore. At Jezebel, Madeleine Davies advises that “now is a time for fury and force.”

Mark Binelli looks into life on the border town of Nogales for Guernica.

Here at The Rumpus, Matthew Clair writes about how we must do more than simply gaze upon suffering; actions speak louder than images.

For the Atlantic, Spencer Kornhaber takes a look back at the past year of Beyonce’s incredible artistic output and the miscalculated backlash that surrounded it.

At The Billfold, Peter Severson takes a ground view of flyover country with glimpses at various communities along his route from Colorado to South Dakota.

The intense physical responses of anxiety disorder are difficult to convey—Sarah Fawn Montgomery makes a relatable, moving attempt for The Rumpus.


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