Call for Submissions: New Rumpus Series on Immigration


TORCH: Stories of America is a series devoted to showcasing personal essays, interviews, and art about immigrant and refugee experiences. Edited by Arielle Bernstein, and featuring the work of diverse writers from around the globe, Torch aims to shatter stereotypes and encourage greater understanding and empathy in a world where immigrant and refugee communities are often misunderstood and marginalized.

We welcome a diverse pool of submissions, from personal stories of crossing borders or growing up in an immigrant home, to experiences working with refugee populations from around the world. If you are already engaged in creating art or telling stories about your experiences, The Rumpus may also be interested in interviewing you directly about your experience.

Please contact [email protected] with submissions. We ask to see completed pieces for essays, but will consider pitches for interviews. Please note that we do offer payment.

Because the volume of submissions is so high and it takes time to read work carefully, consider sending essays that deal with current events but do not rely on timeliness; instead, we are looking for essays that take a timeless approach to these issues. Please wait three weeks before querying about the status of your submission. Your patience is appreciated.

Arielle Bernstein's writing has appeared in the Atlantic, the Guardian, Salon, The Rumpus, and AV Club. She teaches writing at American University and is working on both a novel and memoir. More from this author →