This Week in Trumplandia


Welcome to This Week in Trumplandia. Check in with us every Thursday for a weekly roundup of the most pertinent and relevant content on our country, which is currently spiraling down a crappy, toilet drain. You owe it to yourself, your communities, and your humanity to contribute whatever you can, even if it is just awareness of the truth.

Nancy Pelosi, during a CNN town hall, reminds us that the Democratic Party won’t protect us from Trump’s administration.

Do not let Trump exhaust you.

Let’s pretend to be shocked that Betsy DeVos allegedly plagiarized part of her Senate questionnaire.

Still relevant. Always relevant. More relevant than ever. Audre Lorde once said that self-care was an “act of political warfare.” We must take care of ourselves.

You know you’re terrible when a Bush is coming after you. Jenna Bush quotes her dad and shames Trump on Twitter.

Mark Hamill, also known as the voice of The Joker, records more Trump tweets, because, really, they’re both completely out of their minds.


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