This Week in Essays


For Guernica, Carmen Maria Machado writes about cultural myths around large women and fighting to take up space with her body and her mind.

Woe be to those who buy the Peggy couch. Anna Hezel pens a hilarious “buyer beware” at The Awl.

Over at Lit Hub, Stéphane Gerson shares the process of writing his grief after losing his son.

And here at The Rumpus, Erin Corber, no stranger to living abroad, still found herself at a literal loss for words during her time in Romania. Read about how she discovered a new mode of interacting with the world around her.

For The Walrus, Heather O’Neill examines the loss of a high school boyfriend and his deep imprint on her work.

Back at The Rumpus, Martin Pousson takes on the fallacy of objecting to identity politics and looks to the Wizard of Oz to inscribe our current moment with meaning.


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