This Week in Essays


Happy International Women’s Day! Why not read some essays if you have extra time today, starting with Dayna Tortorici laying out the reasons for striking today at n + 1.

Timothy Denevi ventured to CPAC and got a front row seat to the banality of evil for Lit Hub.

J. Malcolm Garcia dives deep into the story of a man facing deportation in Arizona at Guernica.

Here at The Rumpus, Mariam Rahmani gets to the heart of the veiled racism hiding behind claims of protection.

Elissa Washuta encounters ghosts of her own making and the ghosts of Seattle past at The Offing.

Lesley Heiser shares stories of immigrant farmers in Maine for the first installment of The Rumpus’s new series TORCH.

For some, birding is an extreme sport. On Longreads, Eva Holland profiles a birder who set out to break a record by tracking down an insane number of bird species within in one year.

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