This Week in Essays


Jordan Ritter Conn tells a devastating story about a group of people connected around the Pulse nightclub shooting for The Ringer. [Note: gun violence, descriptions of the attack.]

Could gondolas be the next frontier for public transportation? Duncan Geere’s informative piece explores the possibilities at How We Get To Next.

That we should all have a haven like Madeleine Wattenbarger’s women-only car on the Mexico City Metro, which she lovingly captures over at Lit Hub.

Here at The Rumpus, Laura Laing conflates mathematical truths with socially held truths and finds that certainty is ever-elusive.

Madeline Merritt writes for ExtraNewsfeed about the final days of the NO DAPL frontline and reminds us, “All of us (and this includes you) have waters and lands to protect.”

At Hazlitt, Alison Motluk shares how fertility clinics and questionable practices open the door for a universe of half-siblings.

Megan Donnelly finds miscarriage and pain in the wilds of Alaska in her heart-wrenching piece at The Rumpus.


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