This Week in Essays


Minda Honey writes at Longreads on traveling to detox from whiteness and discovering there is nearly nowhere to escape.

Good news, New Yorkers: apparently noise can be good for creativity. Susie Neilson looks at the good and the bad of noise pollution for Nautilus.

The Rumpus’s Managing Editor Lyz Lenz has a piece for Marie Claire on the little known Kennedy sister, Rosemary, whose sad history quietly influenced the fight for the rights of the disabled.

Scott Esposito writes a loving paean to the independent bookstore at Lit Hub.

And here at The Rumpus, Elena Zhang writes on crossing the language divide with her grandmother and the healing spaces found in silence.

At Entropy, Ashley P. Taylor shares how her medical condition leads to close calls and the agony of uncertainty, which ironically leads to a faint yearning for the completed story a catastrophe would lend.

Also at The Rumpus, Pam Munter calls up nostalgia for the history of radio as it came into family homes and into her life over the last seventy-five years.


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