The Belladonna: Funny Writing by Women, for Everyone


Looking for the hot new place to submit and read humor writing? The Belladonna is the latest online venue for comedy and self-care, courtesy of writers and editors Caitlin KunkelBrooke PrestonFiona TaylorCarrie Wittmer, and Daniel Tosh.

The Belladonna is a safe space for you to “channel your fear, frustration, anger, and disappointment into a target.” More details on how to submit and upcoming events after the break.

They love to see the following in pitches (which all humor editors like to see in pitches):

  • Pieces written with their venue in mind
  • Pieces with a clear satirical angle
  • Pieces that obviously aren’t first drafts
  • Pieces with a fresh take/a unique and interesting comedic premise
  • Great titles
  • Confidence

They’re in the market for:

The best part of The Belladonna is their promise to writers: if they don’t take your piece, then they’ll kindly and constructively tell you why and how you may atone/become your best writerly self.

FIRST: read and adhere to their submission guidelines. THEN: reread my submission guidelinesWho wrote it best?*

*Trick question to remind you that writing is not a competition and that all those oppressed under the patriarchy are not competitors.

To look forward to:

  • Editors will run The Belladonna Workshops, a series of free virtual meet-ups to work with up-and-coming writers.
  • The site’s partnering with the PIT Theater in New York as their “official” physical home for future shows, workshops, and prayer circles.
  • The first The Belladonna Variety Show will be Saturday, July 1 at the PIT Loft and will feature Belladonna editors and contributors, with readings, sketch, storytelling, and a prayer circle.

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