This Week in Trumplandia


Welcome to This Week in Trumplandia. Check in with us every Thursday for a weekly roundup of the most pertinent content on our country, which is currently spiraling down a crappy toilet drain. You owe it to yourself, your community, and your humanity to contribute whatever you can, even if it is just awareness of the truth.

For anyone upset that Ivanka got booed, here’s your reminder that she too is a monster.

And in case you want to see it again, here’s Ivanka getting booed. Be sure to share with all the moral high ground-walking folks in your life.

As shocking and deadly as 45’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is, it’s nothing new.

45’s executive order aiming to punish sanctuary cities was blocked by a federal judge.

Surprise! 45’s tax plan is a gift to the rich.

Legal expert says Trump’s tweets attacking the courts will be ‘a record for his impeachment trial.’ Here’s hoping!


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