This Week in Indie Bookstores


In Chicago, Aimee Levitt wonders how many bookstores she can visit in a single day to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Moira Macdonald explains how she planned on maximizing the number of stores she visited.

Independent Bookstore Day means guides to local stores in various cities like Cleveland, Baltimore, the Bay Area, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Seattle, and elsewhere.

A Vienna, Virginia bookstore created a book scavenger hunt to celebrate the day.

Some bookstores are so independent they didn’t even participate in Independent Bookstore Day.

Emma Straub opened Brooklyn’s newest bookstore, Books Are Magic, just in time for Independent Bookstore Day.

Chinese bookstores are making a comeback after online stores disrupted their business.

A London bookstore that trolled Piers Morgan is being saved by customers ordering books.

A Tokyo bookstore hosts car enthusiast meet-and-greets with some amazing autos.

One customer had a bad experience a local bookstore so he decided to start leaving sex toys around the shop. He was arrested.

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