This Week in Essays


For Huffington Post’s Highline magazine, Jason Fagone profiles a trauma surgeon working to make a small dent in our country’s problem with gun violence.

At Catapult, Abbey Fenbert writes a funny, heartfelt essay about trying to ban books in the seventh grade.

In an expansive and deeply personal piece for Nautilus, Christian H. Cooper explores the biological effects of poverty.

Here at The Rumpus, Edgar Gomez engages with the ongoing civil rights debate around barring gay men from blood donation as he fantasizes what it takes to be a hero.

For Hazlitt, Huda Hassan examines the state of perpetual black mourning as she recovers from a personal loss.

Back at The Rumpus, Ellen O’Connell Whittet transcends her body in order to discover what it takes to heal from an eating disorder.


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