Zhe Zhe Is Back


Zhe Zhe is funny, smart, complicated, and weird in all the best ways. If you’re not already familiar with this standout web series, created by Ruby McCollister, Leah Hennessey, Emily Allan, and director E.J. O’Hara, it’s best described as “a decadent DIY satire about a fame obsessed trend-chasing girl group in an alternate reality New York, made by some ultra hip, cynical young native New Yorkers.” And that’s just a start.

Season 1 of this emerging cult show, which you can catch up on here, foretold Donald Trump’s army of clones, the gender revolution and its discontents, the mainstreaming of wingnut conspiracy culture and the commodification of political protest. Further misadventures in post-reality New York are in store for Season 2, which launches on YouTube today!  Check out the trailer here.

Allyson McCabe writes and produces stories about music for NPR, and her own subscription-based channel, Vanishing Ink. More from this author →