This Week in Essays


Oh, the simple pleasures of life before the Internet. Emma Rathbone hilariously takes us back to that arguably better time over for New Yorker.

At JSTOR Daily, M. Milks comes to claim their queer identity thanks to the most radical of groups: book club.

Gloria Harrison’s life splits in two after a terrible accident, and she attempts to connect with her life before for The Rumpus.

Allyson Hobbs examines unmitigated pain and trauma from the constant, unnecessary loss of black life at The Root.

Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib gives a pretty good breakdown of the joys and relatability of Carly Rae Jepsen for MTV.

Back at The Rumpus, Wendy Willis takes a look at the podcast S-Town and how it draws listeners into its orbit with empathy.

For The Awl, Ben Dolnick takes a look at the storytelling genius of that harrowing iguana video from Planet Earth II.


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