Next Letter for Kids: Jose Pimienta


We’re sending our next Letter for Kids from illustrator Jose Pimienta! Jose writes to us about the day he left Georgia, picked up a good friend in Kentucky, and headed west to pursue an art career in California. This awesome letter about their trek and the lives they’ve built since arriving in West Burbank is filled with wonderful illustrations, too!

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Jose Pimienta (Joe Pi) was born in the Imperial Valley and raised as a Cachanilla in Mexicali, BC. During his upbringing, he was heavily influenced by animation, music, and short stories. He’s been drawing for as long as he can remember and loved analyzing everything on the TV screen. After high school, he left his garage band and ventured towards Savannah, Georgia where he studied sequential art and discovered the wonders of storyboarding, a wider variety of music, traveled more, and made friends. In 2009, he packed his belongings and drove to Los Angeles, with a friend to pursue a career in storyboarding. Nowadays, he resides in Tujunga where he takes walks every morning along with a big cup of coffee. He draws comics, storyboards, and sketches for visual development. Joe Pi still makes music and smiles as often as possible.