Album of the Week: Call It Love by Briana Marela


Call It Love is Briana Marela’s third album, and her first after signing with Jagjaguwar. In the album’s ten tracks, the Seattleite explores the many facets of love, from its early sweet moments to the ending of a relationship, with a detour inspired by the book The Farthest Shore by Ursula K Le Guin.

“I write differently about relationships every time I write,” Marela told Thora Siemsen at Lenny, “Usually it’s something that I have a hard time speaking out loud, so it becomes something that I’m able to process, like personal therapy.”

A major in Audio Production and Music Technology at Olympia’s Evergreen State College, Marela conceived this new album as a set of “sister songs,” matching pairs of tracks tackling the same issue from two different sound perspectives: one with a distinctive ambient mood, and the other coming from a pop-inspired side. But the two different styles merge together in the end, creating a unique ambient-pop fusion of Marela’s own making.

Watch a video for “Farthest Shore” below!

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