This Week in Essays


Here at The Rumpus, Cameron Dezen Hammon evacuates Houston and braces for the impact of Hurricane Harvey on her community.

At The New Inquiry, Marcos Santiago Gonsalez examines the conflict between the benefits of a drug helping to prevent HIV transmission and the implications of moral control over the gay community.

For The Smart Set, Will Cordeiro contemplates Las Vegas with its desert waste and human possibility.

Back at The Rumpus, Katie Schmid comes to accept and live with her fears as she brings a child into the world with help from the poetry of Robert Lowell.

For Brevity, Shuly Cawood shares her experience touching base with some of the people written about in her memoir.

At The Journal, Anthony Moll navigates what it takes to be open, or not, about one’s sexuality in the military.

Over at The Hairpin, Kate Davis Jones tries to carve out a place as a female boxer in a very masculine world.


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