Album of the Week: Revelations by Shamir


Hailing from Las Vegas, Shamir has made himself known for his unique musical style, mixing DIY, indie rock, and lo-fi with his lyrical, countertenor voice and disco glitter sounds.

At only twenty-three years old, the musician has already experienced many of the troubles that accompany a career in music––he released his debut album, Ratchet, with XL, but was dropped soon after, and subsequently self-released his sophomore album, Hope, via Soundcloud––and now, joining San Francisco-based Father/Daughter Records, is unveiling his third effort, Revelations, only six months after his previous release.

Inspired by the highly stressful events the songwriter has been through, Revelations tackles mental health and identity issues, as he explained to Interview:

After HOPE, I ended up having a mental breakdown, and having a psychotic episode, and spent some time in the psych ward. When I got out, I went back to being a soul singer, and that’s where REVELATIONS came from, once I realized I had a group of songs together, because I had nothing else to do in Vegas. I was just recording and writing my own album. I’m just going with the flow now. It’s not really that calculated anymore. I’m bearing my soul in these songs, and just giving it how it is.

Watch two videos from the new album below!

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