This Week in Essays


For Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer Wright looks back at the year since the election which has girded women who aren’t willing to take it anymore.

At Lit Hub, David Abrams scrapes away preconceptions of military service and unearths the human core of the individuals who serve.

Marissa Korbel reflects on the female body as doll, object, and two-dimensional fantasy here at The Rumpus in a new series, The Thread.

“There were no singing or dancing classes at diabetes camp.” Maris Kreizman shares her experience at diabetes camp over at Longreads.

For Damn Joan, Kaitlyn Greenidge shares the story of Henrietta Duterte, a woman who used her funeral home to smuggle people escaping slavery to freedom.

Back at The Rumpus, Nora Brooks recounts the Harney County takeover and what happens when a cowboy becomes a terrorist.

Nora Almeida weaves a narrative of memory, blackouts, and Jorge Luis Borges for The Offing.


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