This Week in Essays


Turkey Day is nearly here! At The Takeout, Aimee Levitt helps us digest the true origins of Thanksgiving.

Another intensely good piece by Marcos Santiago Gonsalez, this time on the subjects of borders and artifacts that bear witness for The New Inquiry.

Don’t sleep on our own Managing Editor Lyz Lenz’s essay here at The Rumpus on the never-ending struggle of putting away the Earth’s bounty.

“Language is just another way to physicalize gender. Another way to own our bodies and our identities.” For Entropy, Martha Lundin writes about their struggle with claiming a pronoun.

At Lit Hub, Min Jin Lee writes about how she committed the worst sin a well-meaning daughter could do to her Korean parents: falling in love with a Japanese-American.

For Guernica, Glynn Pogue navigates her childhood Black American Princess grooming grounds.

Beth Boyle Machlan deals with her father losing his mind while trying to hold on to her own, back at The Rumpus.


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