This Week in Indie Bookstores


A small town in Mississippi is now home to a queer, feminist bookstore thanks to a University of Mississippi English professor.

Hot take/clickbait: are bookstores on the way out? Harvard study: nope.

The Strand’s tote bag industrial complex now boasts more than 100 unique designs.

Are these the fifteen best bookstores in the United States?

Here are five bookstores serving Alabama (although the article doesn’t mention whether Roy Moore has been banned from them for cruising teenage girls).

London’s floating bookstore, Word on the Water, is housed in a fifty-foot-long canal boat.

Jorge Carrión’s history of bookstores, Bookshops, has been translated into English.

The Tokyo bookstore famous as a “holy site” for Haruki Murakami has closed.

A pro-fascist protestor escaped serious harm after victims threw a book at him during an event held in Harvard’s bookstore that the fascist was attempting to disrupt.

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