This Week in Essays


“Foreigners and locals are called alike, some for prayer, some for contemplation, and some just to hear the wave of magic coming through the air.” At The Millions, Roua Horanieh shares a loving rendering of Damascus as it was and might never be again.

It will always be problematic when the n-word is uttered by someone who is not black, no matter the context. Kendra Allen outlines the reasons for The Rumpus.

Amber Tamblyn handily knocks down the male redemption arc in an op-ed for the New York Times.

“A party where you’re always simultaneously at the party and getting ready for the party.” Sofia Samatar captures what makes many social media users uncomfortable at Catapult.

Soak in this gorgeous, lyrical piece by Tomas Nieto on his grandparents and legacy back at The Rumpus.

“Navigating footage of a place before it is touched by devastation is a little like listening to a dead person’s voicemail message.” For The Critical Flame, Chloe Garcia-Roberts virtually walks another site of destruction: Mexico City before and after the 2017 quake.

Raina K. Puels tracks a burgeoning love affair through the seasons over at sidereal magazine.


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