This Week in Essays


It’s hard out there for a Millennial. With the help of an amazing graphical interface, Michael Hobbes breaks down the depressing reality facing the supposed “me” generation at Highline.

“A donkey is a Democratic symbol, but Black women are not the mules of the party.” Britt Julious says it best following the Alabama surprise for Esquire.

Not feeling the holiday spirit? Here at The Rumpus, Sunanda Vaidheesh has some thoughts that might turn your heart around.

Zoë Gadegbeku examines inherited loneliness and the false front we put on for others in a deeply felt piece for Longreads (via Slice).

For The Believer, Erica Cardwell writes on Black Americana, Kara Walker, and modes of representation in how black people see themselves and are seen through art.

Back at The Rumpus, Ryan McDonald sheds some light on the common childhood fear of the dark.

Over at Hazlitt, Helena Fitzgerald traverses nostalgia for a time when the Internet meant taking on any identity you wanted and being unafraid.


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