This Week in Essays


In advance of being outed by Harper’s, Moira Donegan tells her own story about creating the “Shitty Media Men” list at The Cut.

Books on tape are essential for those with limited vision. For Lit Hub, James Tate Hill shares how he used his hearing to become an avid reader.

In latest installment of our ENOUGH series, Mandy Catron writes about the pressures of desirability on the lives of the female-identified.

“‘Some people are button and stitch counters, and they’re not much fun,’ says one re-enactor, dressed in wool clothes and standing in a field…” Erin Sylvester takes us inside the world of historical reenacting at The Walrus.

For Catapult, Naa Baako Ako-Adjei writes on maturing and moving through the world in a female body while under the male gaze.

At the New York Times, Elliot Kukla reflects on the way chronic illness can create an awareness of the body’s dependence and need for care.

Ride the ups and downs as Noley Reid talks about weight and hunger back at The Rumpus.


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