Spotlight: “Rooftops of My Youth” by Frances Cannon


This graphic narrative chronicles my adventures and misadventures with my older sister. As we matured beyond childhood, we never grew out of our appetite for dangerous feats of stupidity and our curiosity for the view from on high. From the rooftops of houses, libraries, churches, schools, train stations, and hotels, this comic describes the dramatic consequences of such play, not that we learned our lesson. Don’t try this at home.


Frances Cannon is a writer and artist of hybrid mediums, and is the author and illustrator of the graphic memoir, The Highs and Lows of Shapeshift Ma and Big-Little Frank (Gold Wake Press). She has an MFA from the Iowa Nonfiction Writing Program, and a BFA from the University of Vermont. She has a book of poems and illustrations, Tropicalia (Vagabond Press), and a book of poems and prints, Uranian Fruit (Honeybee Press). She has also contributed to VICE, McSweeney's Quarterly, The Believer, The Lucky Peach, and The Iowa Review, with work forthcoming through the New York Times. Frances is now working as an instructor of visual and literary arts at the Shelburne Craft School in Vermont and through her own consulting business, the C.I.C.A.D.A. School. You can find more of her work at More from this author →