This Week in Essays


“Women are supposed to perform comfort and pleasure they do not feel under conditions that make genuine comfort almost impossible.” Lili Loofbourow takes a powerfully insightful look at female pain for The Week.

Darcy Jay Gagnon gathers the extraordinary fragments of Christa McAuliffe and the Challenger disaster here at The Rumpus.

Gail Griffin wanders Graceland and Jamaica to weather her storm of grief at Full Grown People.

“May we all face our own futures with a fraction of Ursula K. Le Guin’s wit, insight and acuity. She has left us so many gifts to help us find our way.” For Electric Literature, Emily Popek writes a great essay on a great Ursula K. Le Guin essay.

Travel has become a combat sport of sorts, with some seeking riskier experiences. Kent Russell takes a fascinating dive into dark tourism for Highline.

Back at The Rumpus, Diksha Basu’s life gets inverted when she takes on a nanny.

For The Walrus, George Murray helps train parents to play Dungeons and Dragons with their kids.


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