Notable Portland: 2/1–2/7


Thursday 2/1: Marshall Islands poet and activist Kathy Jetñil-Kijiner will share her poetry on the impact of climate change on the Pacific Islands and elsewhere. Madison High School, 4 p.m., free.

Scott McClanahan reads from his new work, The Sarah Book. Powell’s Books on Hawthorne, 7:30 p.m., free.

The Portland Winter Light Festival hosts Stories Around the Fire, a series supported by a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Join Portland’s best storytellers for a night of laughter, connection, and insight while gathered around a giant flaming helmet constructed by sculptor Richard Cawley. Note that there is one storyteller at the top of every hour, with stories lasting 10–30 minutes each. Tonight’s stories will be told by Courtenay Hameister (7 p.m.), Rich Huddle (8 p.m.), and Chris Williams (9 p.m.). Oregon Rail Heritage Center, 7 p.m., free.

Friday 2/2: Melanie Finn, author of Away From You and The Gloaming, reads alongside Leni Zumas, author of Red Clocks and The Listeners, as part of the Northwest Academy Visiting Writers Series. Literary Arts, 7 p.m., free.

Night two of Stories Around the Fire will feature Alina Aliyar (7 p.m.), Paul Susi (8 p.m.), and Shannon Graves (9 p.m.). Oregon Rail Heritage Center, 7 p.m., free.

Saturday 2/3: Night three of Stories Around the Fire will feature Trevino Brings Plenty (7 p.m.), Samira Sahebi (8 p.m.), and Kirsten Kuppenbender (9 p.m.). Oregon Rail Heritage Center, 7 p.m., free

Poet July Westhale reads from her latest collection, Trailer Trash. Queer Resource Center, PCC Cascades, 11 a.m., free.

Grief Rites, a monthly storytelling showcase on grief, loss, and love, returns with featured readers Beth Dennington, Jen Violi, Kate Gray, Kate Carroll de Gutes, Alex Behr, and Ann Gudger. Post 134, 7 p.m., free.

Thisbe Nissen reads from her new book, Our Lady of the Prairie. Powell’s Books on Hawthorne, 7:30 p.m., free.

Tuesday 2/6: Keith Rosson celebrates the launch of his new novel, Smoke City, with a reading, signing, and Q&A session. Broadway Books, 7 p.m., free.

Cheston Knapp reads from his new collection of seven linked essays, Up Up, Down Down and is joined in conversation by Jon Raymond, author of Freebird. Powell’s City of Books, 7:30 p.m., free.

Wednesday 2/7: Poetry Practice Space is a monthly gathering for poets and writers. Writing materials, readings, and prompts for generative writing will be provided. Come share a space to talk about writing practice, current projects, rejections, acceptances, resources, and more. Independent Publishing Resource Center, 6 p.m., $5–$15 suggested donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Janice Lee, author of Kerotakis, and Jason Snyder, author of Family Album, read for the Portland State University Creative Writing Program. Smith Memorial Student Union, Room 238, 6:30 p.m., free.

Andrew Keen reads from his new book, How to Fix the Future, and is joined in conversation by Marshall Kirkpatrick, Director of Influencer Marketing at marketing technology company Sprinklr. Powell’s City of Books, 7:30 p.m., free.

Catch Olivia Olivia, Dia Blake, Anna Suarez, Amy Leona Havin, Jen Scholten, Jennifer Robin, and Ophelia Darkly for the monthly reading of the It’s Rhubarb literary series. Jade Lounge, 7:30 p.m., free.


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