This Week in Trumplandia


Welcome to This Week in Trumplandia. Check in with us every Thursday for a weekly roundup of the most pertinent content on our country, which is currently spiraling down a crappy toilet drain. You owe it to yourself, your community, and your humanity to contribute whatever you can, even if it is just awareness of the truth.

White men love 45: Neo-Nazis and white supremacists celebrate Trump’s SOTU.

The 45 White House is ‘100 percent’ playing fast and loose with classified information.

45 tells the nation he supports Puerto Rico a day after FEMA said it will cut off aid to the island.

EU pledges €42.5m extra aid to Palestinians after 45 cuts US contribution.

Facts are irrelevant in a country full of 45-supporters:

I wonder if 45’s supporters know how little he respects them:


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