This Week in Essays


At The Cut, Leni Zumas writes about her IVF experience and invites a more thoughtful of analysis of what is “natural” when it comes to motherhood.

For Asymptote, Vladimir Lucien beautifully connects a mourning dirge with poetry as he returns to the island of Saint Lucia.

Here at The Rumpus, Jasminne Mendez does her best to impact impressionable minds despite the cost to herself.

“History is often silenced whenever it makes its recipients, especially the white ones, uncomfortable.” Austyn Gaffney reckons with a colonial Caribbean past at The Offing.

For The Smart Set, Geeta Kothari gets through a writing residency in New Delhi fueled by tea and family photos.

Maribeth Darwin’s memories become precious artifacts as her mother gives in to Alzheimer’s, over at Entropy.

Back at The Rumpus, Jill Talbot writes poignantly about the love that lingers after it leave us.


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