This Week in Trumplandia


Welcome to This Week in Trumplandia. Check in with us every Thursday for a weekly roundup of the most pertinent content on our country, which is currently spiraling down a crappy toilet drain. You owe it to yourself, your community, and your humanity to contribute whatever you can, even if it is just awareness of the truth.

The Year in Hate: 45 buoyed white supremacists in 2017, sparking backlash among black nationalist groups.

A blue wave? How 45 is helping Democrats win in unlikely places.

45’s son favorited tweets promoting a conspiracy theory about a Florida shooting survivor—meanwhile, Obama’s daughters were scrutinized every time they breathed.

How 45 has enabled the outrageous ‘crisis actors’ conspiracy in Florida.

Jemele Hill on her Twitter controversy with 45:

This truth:


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