Album of the Week: Loma by Loma


Jonathan Meiburg, from Shearwater, and Cross Records’s Dan Duszynski and Emily Cross were first introduced through their music, with a mutual friend gifting each the other’s albums. It was a match made in heaven, and after a stint on the road together, the three decided to cut a record under the moniker Loma.

They’d lock themselves up in Cross Record’s country house outside Austin and let the music flow out of them. But big changes came in the meantime: Duszynski and Cross’s marriage was dissolving, and Meiburg got into field recording, spending time outside the studio surroundings. “There was no drama where I was concerned,” he recalls, “and I didn’t really know what was happening; but there was an unspoken feeling of urgency, and a sense that a big change was coming for all of us, and I think we all tried to channel that into the work.”

Cross’s voice is a testimony to this big transformation. Her vocals weave the canvas of Loma’s self-titled debut’s ten mesmerizing folk tracks, out now on Sub Pop. Warm and hypnotic, soft guitars mix with hammering drums, ambient sounds, and space sonorities, crafting a new approach to folk songwriting.

Watch two videos from the new album below!

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