Album of the Week: Historian by Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus was born in 1995 in Virginia, where she still lives, now in Richmond. Historian is her sophomore album, out now from Matador Records.

Explaining the title choice, the musician told Noisey:

That’s why I wanted to name it HISTORIAN. Because I knew it would show up like “Lucy Dacus, Historian.” Someone’s profession. Feels like my name more than a musician. Personal histories. Like. A more integral part of who I am.

The album emerged from a passion for journaling, a habit that is reflected within the ten tracks of the record. This is an album dealing in concepts, and with the many different kinds of attachment and detachment we might feel through our lives: sentimental, physical, and metaphorical, be it because a break-up, a loss, or a creative burnout. Crafting a sophisticated, guitar-leading indie sound, enriched by orchestral openings and ambient atmospheres, this Southerner is no doubt a songwriter to keep an eye on.

Watch two videos from the new album below!

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