This Week in Essays


For Punctuate, Desiree Cooper assists family members as they both build and lose language.

Over at Lit Hub, Kirstin Chen faces down a writer’s doubts about the stories we choose to tell.

In our latest installment of TORCH, Natasha Riddle Romero reconnects with a lost brother and discovers that two people can experience the same trauma in very different ways.

Ellen Wayland-Smith comes to grips with the body’s vulnerabilities at Longreads.

“I am not talking about self-flagellation, but fessing up to the injury in hopes of ending the insult.” For The Smart Set, Vic Sizemore reflects on what men can contribute in this moment of #metoo.

Back at The Rumpus, Emily Sernaker memorializes Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s contributions to literature on the occasion of his ninety-ninth birthday.


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