This Week in Essays


At Publishers Weekly, Tracy Strauss fights against the silencing of victims of incest as she tries to get her own story published.

Linda Rodriguez writes for VIDA on the impact of women coming forward about Sherman Alexie in the Native writing community.

Here at The Rumpus, Gerri Ravyn Stanfield strains to see in the empty space that others leave behind.

At Inverse, Rae Paoletta unpacks the reality of a commercial enterprise shooting for Mars.

For Longreads, David Fettling travels to Myanmar and gains a window of insight into the country’s economic and ethnic anxieties.

Helen Mackreath and Fattah Lemar Rabiei offer a portrait of a human smuggler in Turkey at the Los Angeles Review of Books.

And don’t miss out on Allyson McCabe’s final Sound & Vision column for The Rumpus, honoring the man behind the column’s name, David Bowie.


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