This Week in Essays


Jennifer Egan profiles how the opioid crisis is affecting pregnant mothers for the New York Times.

At Hunger Mountain, Caroll Sun Yang dissects the Korean concept of Han and explores her upbringing.

“I’m not alone in wanting my home to be a microcosm of the world I want to live in.” Here at The Rumpus, Dani McClain looks for a more tender, less violence-centered approach to disciplining children.

At Longreads, Mithila Phadke shares a story of stumbling into a nontraditional, polyamorous love affair and kind of liking it.

“If I am thus shaped, then might I not be participating in the shaping of forces to come, even though my efforts may seem puny and the effects invisible so far?” For Lit Hub, YZ Chin looks at language, colonization, and influences.

Robert Wilder looks at how the regularity of mass shootings has affected his teaching practice at Full Grown People.

Back at The Rumpus, with much love and relief, Patricia Parkinson watches her transgender child struggle and finally claim a place in the world.


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