This Week in Essays


Shortly before her murder, Kim Wall worked with Mansi Choksi to interview and tell the story of female Tamil Tigers. Wall’s final piece of journalism is up over at Longreads.

There is something unique and compulsory about a royal wedding. Caity Weaver travels to England and writes for the New York Times: “I don’t care at all, and yet I must know every detail or I will die.”

Here at The Rumpus, Whitney Lee sacrifices motherly duties as she ushers other women through pain and joy as an obstetrician.

At Catapult, Aricka Foreman finds solace on the dance floor, one of the few places where she can claim her body as her own.

“It’s not easy being the mother of a dead child. In fact, it may be the hardest kind of mothering there is.” Rona Fernandez writes with painful tenderness on losing her child for The Rumpus.

In the wave of displaced Central Americans, Maya Averbuch follows a woman who is looking for her missing sister, over at Guernica.


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