This Week in Essays


Amanda Mull pens a thorough take-down of the body positivity movement over at Racked.

At the New Yorker, Helen Rosner shares her tribute to that globe-trotting, big-hearted scamp Anthony Bourdain, gone too soon at the age of sixty-one.

Rumpus Features Editor Robbie Maakestad charts the terrifying unpredictability of his lungs at Boulevard.

For Jen Corrigan, there is no mystery to what women want, only a huge deficit of even asking. She offers her analysis here at The Rumpus.

For So to Speak, Christina Bartson reflects on the highly examined ballet body and how the dancer’s relationship to the body erodes under this intense scrutiny.

At Catapult, Nina Coomes discusses the concept of nukumori and how loved ones can share a closeness despite physical distance.

Back at The Rumpus, Sarah T. looks to Haiti and gathers the driftwood of stories rarely told.


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