This Week in Essays


“Are you ready to end these chapters and fight for new ones? For better ones? Chapters where you are not the worst villain of all — the bystander?” Ijeoma Oluo writes urgently about how we all have to do our part.

For The Cut, Rebecca Traister writes on the powerful surge of action from those who have been dismissed and the rage of the ignored.

“In the face of true, shameless evil, the Swamp realized that we weren’t trapped in here with them. They were trapped in here with us.” Samuel Ashworth writes about giving ‘em hell here at The Rumpus.

“The darkness is inevitable, one way or another, and until it comes I want to see everything I can.” Over at Full Grown People, Jody Mace finds that once you open your eyes to the experiences of the world, you have no choice but to let all of humanity in.

Roxane Gay writes on bringing herself back to the power of her body over at The Undefeated.

“Too often, I think, we want our fictional dystopias to protect us against the real thing.” At the Paris Review, Adam O’Fallon Price considers whether we have anything to learn from our imagined dystopias.

Back at The Rumpus, Ben Shattuck responds to the lure of bird call.


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