This Week in Essays


At The Believer, Tessa Fontaine unburdens her grief while visiting a phantom phone booth and taking in the toll of the tsunami in Otsuchi, Japan.

This week the literary community has been confronting the grifter in our midst following Melissa Chadburn and Carolyn Kellogg’s exposé on Anna March for the LA Times.

Here at The Rumpus, Andrea Askowitz negotiates parenting a pretty daughter.

At Public Books, Claudia Sosa Lazo holds onto beauty in an increasingly ugly state of affairs in Venezuela.

For the New York Times Magazine, Taffy Brodesser-Akner provides an amusing update on the lure of Goop.

Back at The Rumpus, Kelly Fig Smith gets submerged in the Legends of the Fall soundtrack while passing a love of music on to her children.

At Punctuate, Leila Philip goes to the doctor to get a spot checked out and finds herself ushered into the pushy cosmetic procedure industry.


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