This Week in Essays


At Lit Hub, Brandon Taylor deals with rage, grief, protection, and searching for tenderness in reexamining his childhood.

Melody Mobley, the first black female forester in the history of the Forest Service, tells her story of discrimination, assault, and living her dream for Mountain Journal.

“Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder how it manifests in me.” Naseem Jamnia connects with their autistic brother here at The Rumpus.

At the Paris Review, Crystal Hana Kim writes lovingly on her relationship with her grandmother and food.

“That is what Iran feels like year after year: miraculously standing, surviving in a world in which the obstacles against it are too many, and too costly, to endure.” The world knows little about what life in Iran is like; this essay at Catapult sheds some light.

Moshe Schulman considers the ingrained nature of anxiety back at The Rumpus.


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