The Rumpus’s Best of the Net 2018 nominees


Each year, Sundress Publications surveys the best Internet writing across multiple genres. Last year, we were honored to have two Rumpus contributors selected for inclusion in the 2017 Best of the Net Anthology (Hanif Abdurraqib for his phenomenal poem, “& who, this time,” and Whitney Egstad for her powerful essay, “The Evolution of a Trigger”).

This year, we’re nominating six poems, two pieces of short fiction, and two pieces of creative nonfiction. Making these selections was difficult, to say the least—we are fiercely proud of all the writing we’ve published these last twelve months. Our editors revisited that writing and considered which pieces felt most urgent, seemed most vital, and touched us most deeply.

Without further ado, here are the The Rumpus’s Best of the Net 2018 nominees!

“Instructions for a Wife” by Hala Alyan
“Domesticity” by Kristin Chang
“The Cyborg Watches a Video of a Neo-Nazi Saying Her Name” by Franny Choi
“Field Notes on Leaving” by Tyree Daye
“ars poetica” by Safia Elhillo
“Private Property” by Analicia Sotelo

“RememberYou” by Claire Miye Stanford
“Grace” by Brandon Taylor

Creative nonfiction:
“Run for Her Life” by Britney Davis
“Rivers of Babylon: The Story of a Third-Trimester Abortion” by T.S. Mendola

We thank all of these writers, and each and every Rumpus contributor, for sharing their wonderful work with us.